Hello world! It’s ME! Rambo. Pleasure to meets yous.

This be da unveiling of a new era! I be showing you me everyday life through the eyes of a mild mannered Boston Terrier!

Mild Mannered Rambo
now DATS a face of a dog you can trust!

Why read me blog out of the gazzilliton Boston Terrier blogs out dar? SIMPLE! I gots CHARACTER! I gots SPUNK!! I gots LOOKS!!

You say dat’s not enough???? TAKE THIS!!!

Real Cuteness

OK OK dat was not fair at all… But seriously folks! Look what ¡VIVA EL RAMBO! has to offer you!

What Would Rambo Do?
Are you lost? Cornfused? Need advice? Send all your thoughts to and the ones worthy shall be answered by ME! Rambo!

Rambo’s Game and Movie Review of Doom
With Video Game and Movie prices at an all time high, why not let da expert tell you what to buy by ME! Rambo!

ZOMG! Rambo <3’s Hollywood!
Admit it! You all has looked at celebrity smut sites before!! It’s like when us boys says we never watch p…. ANYWAYZ, collection of the juiciest gossips and up to date highlights will be brought to you in part by ME! Rambo!

I knows… my English can be gooder. I be only 1 years old dog years and 7 years old people years and there be plenty of room for Improvement! Watch ME! Rambo, embark on a dangerous journey filled with DRAMA! SUSPENSE! ROMANCE as ME! Rambo uncovers the truth behind … DA ENGLISH LANGUAGE.

You think dat’s it? HA!! See the candid side of ME! Rambo! The Good, the bad, and the ugly! Dar be much much more to come…

I will one day rule peoples and their interwebs with an IRON FIST!! BUWAHAHAHAHAH! …Did me Brain say that out loud?




We are counting down the days until Rambo makes his big debut!!


This BLOG post was brought to you by:

Surfing Dog

The Surfing Boston Terrier ®