Meet Halo!

I’s gots a lot to tell you all about! Many a things happened in da last few months. But da most exciting news be me new girlfriend Halo!

Halo's first day home
Mommee and Daddee rescueded her from da shelter. She had quite da hard life from a young age. She be found thrown away on da street when she was born when da shelter found her. Dey thought dey found her a forever home but when da couple broke up, dey threw her away after 5 months!! What kind of people could do dat to such a cutie pie! So 2nd times da charm and Mommee and Daddee decided to bring her home to be part da family!

Welcome to da family!

She’s great! We likes to runs around and play tug a war! She be my new partner in crime! I say she be pretty punk rock too!

Awesome spikes!!

She has so much spunk and me tinks we be soul mates. Dis one time **ow* we *ow* went to da park and *ow* we be running around and she got too comfy wit dis BIIIIIIG dog and he gots angry at her! So I *ow* ran to her rescue and saved da *ow* day! *ow*…. HALO STOP BITING ME ANKLES!!

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